With practical experience of more than thirteen (13) years in the area and specialization Labour Law and Labour Procedure (ESAMC / 2013 - Graduate / MBA in Labour Law and Labour Procedure), we have the experience and legal training necessary for you provide excellence in relation to the provision of services.

We have practical experience of work in various categories, from restaurants, construction, metallurgical industry, surveillance, banking, trade and others. We have a strong presence in the cities of Campinas, Paulinia, Vineyard, Valinhos, Hortolândia and other cities of São Paulo and Brazil.

We work for both companies (Claimed), defending them as well as for employees (Complainant), which enables us thus to have a more open vision, deep, realistic and even have preconceived of the situation, which ultimately giving our customers greater chances of success in your achievements and aspirations, thereby minimizing any losses and frustrations. Make your free quote. It's simple, just click here.

Another office differential is working with a select and limited number of causes, carefully selected, precisely in order to give maximum possible attention to them. The exclusive service, always with time previously scheduled and directly to the lawyer who will take care of the cause to the end, are also other advantages.

Moreover, the right access to the file on the court's website, direct access (via e-mail, what's app and phone) to advocate the cause, transparency in operations and in respect of the amounts involved, also guarantee our customers the maximum satisfaction, trust and transparency in the services involved.

Here are some examples of actions:


Opinions, consultations, procedural defenses, agreements, attendance at hearings, Resources (all), unlock accounts and blocked goods, Oral Statement, Management Resources, Survey for stable employee dismissal, risk analysis, implementation of labor standards, preventive work among others.


Labor claims (unpaid duties: working days, vacation, 13th salary, overtime, notice, FGTS, INSS), moral hazard, Property Damage, Unhealthy, Hazard, Moral Harassment, Sexual Harassment, Pregnant Women Stability Accident Work (CAT), laborativas and Occupational Diseases, opinions, consultations, among others.

Even if your problem if, question or subject is not in the examples above please send us a quote request describing the issue as it can definitely help them. Just click here.