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Our office specializes in Family Law (ESAMC / 2013 - Graduate in Family Law with Civil Law and Civil Procedure) (IBDFAM-ductor / 2006 - Law of Succession and Family Planning and Succession), working throughout the State of São Paulo there are thirteen (13) years. Another office differential is working with a select and limited number of causes and clients, thus applying it is a new concept (semi-exclusive) to family care. All so that you can give maximum attention and exclusivity to ongoing lawsuits.

In addition, the exclusive service, staff and by appointment (always), and directly to the lawyer who will take care of the cause to the end, are also other striking differences. Finally, the right access to files on the websites of the courts, direct access (via e-mail, what's app and phone) to advocate the cause, transparency in operations and the amounts involved, also guarantee our customers maximum satisfaction and confidence in the services involved.

Here are some examples of our work in this area:


Consultations (all types), Advice, Guidance and Succession Planning, Will, Notifications, donations, Consensual Divorce (via notary and without minor child), Inventory (via notary and consensus among all major heirs), prenuptial and post Pact bridal, Stable Union Pact, dating Declaration, Dissolution of Domestic Partnership, among others.


Divorces (all types, including compensation for damage), Invalidity and Marriage Annulment, Recognition and Stable Union Dissolution, Change Goods Scheme, legal supply of consent for disposal of assets, inventory and Arrolamentos (all kinds) , sharing of goods, food (all kinds), Food Supply, Supervision of the use of maintenance, Exoneration Food, Guard (regulation and modification), Food review (increase or reduction), adoption, Permits, Emancipation, Medicas precautionary (separation of bodies, inventory of goods, search and seizure), Research and Paternity negatoria, Judicial Prohibition, suspension and loss of parental authority, consent supply to go on trips, Removal of executor, Asset Action evaded, Cancellation Testament Disinheritance, heir Exclusion by unworthiness, Subrogation of restraint on alienation of property, among others.

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