Worry no more with your problem, let us take care of it now. Our office serves the customer in all its needs. From beginning to end. From a simple initial consultation until the end of a long criminal process (final and unappealable decision or the execution of the sentence). Private action (libel, slander, libel) to the assistant prosecutor. A simple traffic offense or a misdemeanor, to serious crime, such as theft or jury. Absolutely everything you need. All types of crimes - Common, Special, Jury, Hideous, Drug Trafficking, Tax, Cyber, Practiced by Public Officer, among others. Make your free quote. It's simple, just click here.

Our office specializes in criminal matters (Law School JESUS ​​DAMASIO / 2008 - Specialist in Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure with training for teaching in Higher Teaching) (ESA / 2014 - JURY - according to the new law of the jury), in addition to having an exclusive service, staff and by appointment (always), and directly to the lawyer who will take care of the cause to the end.

Finally, the right access to files on the websites of the courts, direct access (via e-mail, what's app and phone) to advocate the cause, and transparency in operations and in the amounts involved, also guarantee our customers the maximum satisfaction, trust and transparency in the services involved.

Here are some examples of our work in this area:


Flagrant Police (monitoring), Officer on Duty, request bail request release of vehicles / documents / seized objects, copy and follow-up surveys, monitoring of hearings and depositions, inquiry (all types) in police stations, forums, prisons, internal affairs. Consultations in general. Among other services.


Full Defense Order freedom, Habeas Corpus, Judicial Duty, Return of thing seized, restrictive precautionary Medias (Maria da Penha), charge Wizard, ordinary and extraordinary resources (all types), criminal Review. Expertise in all criminal proceedings (criminal code and special laws). Since misdemeanor, special court, traffic offenses, summary proceeding, common rite and special rite. Even Jury Bankruptcy crimes, Tax, against the Popular Economy, Abuse of Authority, Environmental, Election, among others.

Even if your problem if, question or subject is not in the examples above please send us a quote request describing the issue as it can definitely help them. Just click here.