This office and its partners have been working for more than thirteen (13) years in the civil sector, including specialization in Consumer Law (RCB / 2004) and Civil and Civil Procedural Law (ESAMC / 2013 - Graduate in Family Law with Civil Law and civil procedure), passing from areas such as consumer law, banking, real estate, to contracts, receipts, legal defenses, adverse possession, among others to civil procedures.

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We have practical experience of work in all areas of civil law, working at both poles (assets and liabilities), which enables us to have so a more open vision, deep, realistic and even already pre-designed case, which ends up providing our customers with greater chances of success in your achievements and aspirations, thereby minimizing any losses and frustrations.

Another office differential is working with a select and limited number of causes and clients, just to always be able to give maximum attention to the ongoing lawsuits. The exclusive service, by appointment (always) and directly to the lawyer who will take care of the cause to the end, are also other differences that set us apart in the market. Moreover, the right access to the file on the court's website, direct access (via e-mail, what's app and phone) to advocate the cause, transparency in operations and the amounts involved, also guarantee our customers maximum satisfaction, trust and transparency in the services involved.

Here are some examples of our work in this area:


Arbitral Tribunal, charges, consultations, contracts (all types, including real estate, finance, lease, purchase and sale, random, exchange, barter, preference and estimatório), Debt Renegotiation, Bond, Donations, Leasing of things, Lending, mutual, Service Provision, Contract, storage, Transportation, Insurance, Securities, improper Payment, improper and excessive collection, Notifications, risk Analyses, opinions, works with associations, foundations, buildings, condominiums, legal consultations in general, Assignment credits, Assumption debts, payment in kind, Credit Titles (all types), Civil Responsibility, Ownership, Property, among other procedures.


Collections (all types), Actions against banks (all types, including defense), Eviction with collection, Usucaption, Interdiction, Permit Application, Liability (all areas: health, communication, copyright, contract, tort and consumer ), moral hazard (fundamental rights and personality), material damage (all kinds), Aesthetic Damage, Traffic Accidents (with and without victim), Execution (all types), Compliance with Judgment, small claims court, Resources (all types), Defense (all types), proposituras Shares (all types), Preventive Actions (all types), protest be suspended, Declaratory Action, Request for Injunction, Trusteeship Anticipation, negativation Undue, Collection Abusive, Action review and Termination of Real Estate Contracts with return of the amounts paid, Consumer Law, Vices redhibitory, defects products, neighborhood law, Reintegration, Maintenance and disturbance of possession, the requirement to, Theory of improvidence, excessive burden, substantial payment, among others.

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