We serve all companies and business profiles, acting both in preventing and court passive containment.

We work so spare, monthly or linked to any contract or project, all to ensure maximum safety and satisfaction of our customers.

We can offer services both in the areas of Consumer Law, Corporate Law (in general), civil law (contract part), Labor Law, Bankruptcy Law (bankruptcy and insolvency) and also some more important points in the Social Security Law, Administrative and Tax, among other issues relevant to business law. Since an individual or EIRELE company to a Limited company or S.A .. Make your free quote. It's simple, just click here.

Another important advantage of this office is to work with a select and limited number of customers, just to be able to devote full attention to the causes and ongoing issues. The exclusive service, by appointment (always) and directly to the lawyer who will take care of the customer / question until the final hour, are also other advantages.

Moreover, the right access to the file on the court's website, direct access (via e-mail, what's app and phone) to advocate the cause, transparency in operations and the amounts involved, also guarantee our customers maximum satisfaction, trust and transparency in the services involved.

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